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Spoken English is an app that will help you for fluency in English within 30 days.
For learning English, you have to read a lot. Read all of the contents of this app thoroughly. Other than reading, the best and perhaps the only way to increase your fluency in English, is to practice speaking and writing as much as you can.
Sections included here :
* 80 types of dialogues in real life
* Dialogues according to tenses
* Dialogues according to preposition
* Dialogues according to important helping verbs (can, could, may, might, must, should, would)
* Dialogues according to negative, interrogative and assertive sentences
* Dialogues according to emotional behavior (consolation, affection, quarrel, refusal, request)
* Dialogues according to correlatives and temporal
* Dialogues according to passive and active voices
* Dialogues for official and job purposes
* 31 types of conversations in real life
* Salutation words
* Imperative mood etc.

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What's New Spoken English in 30 days

1) Bug fixed.
2) Made it fully offline. Now learn spoken english in offline mode.



Version: 1.15

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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