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Springtime on your phone: lovely swaying flowers, gently floating petals. GreatFeel the warmth and freshness of springtime now with this marvelous 3D Spring live Wallpaper. Lovely spring flowers swaying gently in the wind, petals floating through the sunny air shake to get a storm of petals and blossoming apple trees just awakened from the winter take a deep breath of the fresh live of spring nowAnd watch the storm of flowers, the beautiful golden sunset, the gorgeous full moon and serene dawn. All this is provided by the full version of the live wallpaper And much more, like, an alarm clock that wakes you up with golden light of southern dreams, and plenty of configuration options, too. Please have a look Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper full version in the Google Play market.This 3D Spring Live Wallpaper operates smoothly and with low power consumption on all tested devices. It can be installedmoved to SDCard and comes with full support for landscape mode, home screen switching and all available screen resolutions.Basic Features of the Spring Wallpaper: Realistic 3D effects. Beautiful flowers from the alps in HD High Definition. floating multicolor petals. Spring blossom trees of Sakura Cherry and Apple. easy installation and configuration with custom startup activity. Freely configurable image quality settings save memory stunning meadow background, await the summer season 100 ADFREE, no spyware, no rights requested Available for all screen resolutions. Screen rotation supported. Home screen switching supported. Low powerperformance footprint. Turn off animation for near ZERO power consumption. Shuts down completely when not visible to save maximum speed and battery. Not a movie.Extra features of the full version of this Spring LiveWallpaper: Overwhelmingly beautiful moon and stars at night. Scenic sunrise and sunset with settings for tranquil dawn and dusk, feel calm, tranquil, zen Fascinating storm of petals when shaking the phone. Easter Bunny. Click the rabbit to get some Easter eggs Innovative alarm clock that wakes you with the light of sunrise. Plenty of configuration options for personalization. Elaborate background logic.To set Spring Flowers 3D Live Wallpaper as your live wallpaper, longpress an empty space on your home screen, then select the 39;Wallpaper39; menu button, and 39;Live Wallpapers39;. From there, choose 39;Spring Flowers 3D Live Wallpaper39; and then click 39;Set wallpaper39;. To customize Options, select 39;Configure39; in the 39;Wallpaper39;menu.EnjoyIf you like this, you will likely appreciate our free: Mountain Summer Live Wallpaper, Beach Live Wallpaper, Daisy Flowers Live Wallpaper, Winter Snowfall Live Wallpaper.The most brilliant experience you will naturally get on Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android phone with a Super AMOLED display. Also Tablets like Galaxy tab and Google Nexus 7 give a great impression, particularly for the light alarm clock This also runs on the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich amp; 4.1 Jelly Bean devices.

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Version: 2.8

Requires: Android 2.1 or later


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