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Steampunking your Contacts since 2012.The Steampunk GO Contacts Theme for the GO Contacts Widget. It39;s finally here.For those who like something a little different to the standard, humdrum, we all look the same but we going to charge you for it anyway type themes. Stand out from the crowd, be the envy of your iPhone enemies, amaze friends and family, astound the household pet with the full set of Steam Powered themes all available for FREE from Google Play. Yip,they39;re all free.You may wonder how this builder of Steampunk Worlds for Modern Day Living survives by offering hours and hours and hours of his time for free. Well, all he asks is that you take 5 seconds of your time to say thank you, by rating the theme on the market and if you feel it in your heart to leave a comment then that just makes it even better : Thank you to all of you who are always first to download and rate I love you guys and girls and these are made especially with you in mind. You know who you are. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the love. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS This is NOT an APP. This is a theme for the GO Contacts Widget found on Google Play. 1. Download and install Go Contacts Widget 2. Download and Install The Steampunk Theme for it, if you haven39;t already. To Add a Widget to Your Home Screen 1.Long press any empty area on your home screen.2.Select GO Widget.3. Select Contacts.4. At the bottom left dropdown select Steampunk.4. Scroll Left or Right for your required widget size.5. Select Add to ScreenYou should now have the Steampunk Widget on your Home Screen.If you like this theme, you may also like the other Steampunk Themes available from me on Google Play.They are currently the ones I can remember offhand. The Steampunk GO Launcher Ex Theme The Steampunk GO Contacts Ex Theme The Steampunk GO Keyboard The Steampunk GO SMS Pro Theme The Steampunk GO Locker Theme The Steampunk GO Locker Light Theme The Steampunk GO Switch Widget The Steampunk GO Switch Widget 2 The Steampunk GO facebook widget The Steampunk GO twitter widget The Steampunk GO calendar Widget The Steampunk GO task Manager Widget The Steampunk GO Contact Widget The Steampunk GO search WidgetTo find out when new widgets are released instantly, to say hello or to send me comments or suggestions that I can reply to use any of the mediums below.Follow: http:www.facebook.commindseed.designPlus:



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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