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The Steampunk GO Switch Theme 2, pick which one gets your gears going. It39;s FREEThis is the chunkier, more visible but slightly less Steampunk version of the Steampunk GO Switch Widget Theme.There is another version of this, so have a look in the market and decide. Either way, I hope you like them and if you do please rate me favourably on Google Play. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS This is NOT an APP. This is a theme for the GO Switch Widget found on Google Play. 1. Download and install Go Switch Widget 2. Download and Install The Steampunk Theme for it, if you haven39;t already. To Add a Widget to Your Home Screen 1.Long press any empty area on your home screen.2.Select GO Widget.3. Select Switch.4. At the bottom left dropdown select Steampunk.4. Scroll Left or Right for your required widget size.5. Select Add to ScreenYou should now have the Steampunk Widget on your Home Screen.Thank you for being such a brilliant bunch :Other Steampunk Themed GO Apps Also available in the market by mindseed design are: Steampunk GO Launcher Ex Steampunk GO SMS Steampunk GO locker Steampunk GO Contacts Steampunk calendar GO Widget Steampunk Switch GO Widget Steampunk Switch GO Widget 2 Steampunk facebook GO Widget Steampunk Twitter GO Widget Steampunk task Manager GO Widget Steampunk search GO WidgetSteampunk Widgets will be released one by one over the next few weeks.Thank you for using my themes, If you have any problems, or kind words contact me I love hearing from you and answer everyone.Follow: http:www.facebook.commindseed.designPlus:



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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