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StepsPedmeter helps you cultivate walking habits and keep fit. StepsPedmeter records and displays your walking status in real time, and shows your calories burned and steps, distance and time walked. Unlock surprising achievements❤️ by walking It’s easy and convenient to show your workout achievements.
Convenient and Easy
- Automatic step tracking. Record walking data in real time without opening the app. Feel free to switch to other apps or lock screen, or even put your phone in pocket or bag. It’s convenient and easy to use.
- Battery saving. No GPS tracking, so it barely consumes battery power.
- All features are 100% FREE and nothing locked. You can use all features without paying.
- Daily step count reminder is upgraded to "Daily Report", providing the complete walking data for yesterday. You can't miss it!
Real-Time Daily Reports
- Today’s step counts. With built-in sensor, Step Counter – Walking Achievements counts steps precisely by distinguishing accurately among walking, riding in car or other moving modes. You can see your achievements clearly compared with your step goals.
- Calories burned. Step Counter – Walking Achievements accurately calculates the calories burned based on your workout data, and help you manage health, keep fit and lose weight.
- Step Counter – Walking Achievements accurately records the distance, time and steps walked in different periods of day.
Generate History Reports/Charts
- Step Counter – Walking Achievements displays your step counts and corresponding calories burned in charts, which conforms to people’s cognitive customs. Reports are clear and easy to read, and motivate you to keep exercising.
- Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. Track history data easily with the 4 forms of reports.




Requires: Android4.1 or later


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