Strings and Piano Keyboard

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New features: Three new electric pianos and sitar instrument sounds.
Enjoy playing 3 note chords for your favorite songs by touching a chord pad/tab one at a time. Playing piano chords or other instrument on your mobile device has never been easier. For learners, the corresponding note numbers are also displayed on the white keys as you play the chords. Additional notes can be normally played by touching the keyboard keys while playing chords. It is best to use wired headsets for better stereo sound quality enjoyment. Users can also record and playback performances by pressing the corresponding buttons while not using a headset.
General Features:
Strings and Piano Keyboard is a simple but responsive Android musical keyboard application that features realistic sounds of forty three instruments consisting of five piano sounds that include grand piano, bright piano, warm piano, honky tonk piano, and octave piano; five electric piano sounds that include electric piano, phase epiano, galaxy epiano, jazz chorus, and vintage epiano; acoustic folk guitar, nylon/classical/spanish guitar, electric guitar-clean sound, electric guitar-crunch distortion, bandurria/mandolin, sitar, tenor sax duet unison, synth brass, sawthooth synth, two choir/human synthesized voices, orchestral strings, violin, cello, pizzicato, orchestra hit, brass, trumpet, sax, flute, organ, accordion, bandoneon, vibraphone, xylophone, steel drums or steel pan, drums and percussion.
The musical keyboard application features an audio recorder, media player, four keyboard layouts with six (6) octaves and a maximum of ten note polyphony, where users can play ten notes simultaneously. The sounds are generated using audio streams and sound parameters cannot be changed as compared to real synthesizer keyboards. The tuning is preset at 440 kHz standard tuning or ISO 16 and cannot be changed. While it is intended for personal entertainment purposes or as a pocket musical toy, this application can also be used as a reference tool to tune physical instruments, to identify notes while studying unfamiliar tunes. Sustain function and touch response are also supported on compatible devices.
Device Compatibility:
Strings and Piano Keyboard application is tested and optimized for 4 inch and larger screen size smartphones, and 7.8 inch Android tablets running on Android version 4.1 – 4.3.1 Jelly Bean and Android 10, in landscape mode. The layout of octave and instrument selection controls is designed for one touch quick access while changing preferences and parameters and achieved by simply touching a button. Changing octaves is simple and is achieved by touching the corresponding octave range at the keyboard overview located on top of the keyboard keys. Changing instrument sounds is achieved by touching the sax icon on beside the sustain button.
A Pro version without ads is also available at a minimal price those who doesn't like seeing ads and like to support the developer.
Enjoy and thanks for downloading and using Strings and Piano Keyboard.



Version: 2.5

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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