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Noise can make it very hard to concentrate, and for many students at school and college there is no quiet place to work in their home. This simple, free app delivers 45 minutes of scientifically designed productivityboosting sound that can mask ambient noise, help focus, improve cognition and reduce fatigue. It is intended to be played through headphones at modest volume just loud enough to mask the background sound, particularly any conversation. After 45 minutes a quick break from working is always a good idea hence the length of the soundscape. It can be set to repeat if you prefer.This app is made by leading sound consultants The Sound Agency, with personal creative direction by their chairman Julian Treasure, whose three TED talks on sound have been seen by over 4 million people. The app is free thanks to sponsorship from Ecophon, one of the worlds leading acoustics specialists.Please note that the soundscape will not automatically pause when you receive a call, although the volume will reduce. We are working on a better way of doing this.



Version: 1

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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