Styel Texts Pro - Floating

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Application for Decoration texts professionalism in all applications to communicate in both Arabic and English in a new and different mode with the advantage of floating
Application features:
- Develop a floating window: You can now easily decoration and without the need to return to the application with the new feature (put floating window) With this feature, you can put a window decoration on the same conversation and Decoration texts and also you can control the size and location of the window as you like.
- Develop a normal window: You can decoration from within the application and copy and paste the decoration in the conversation in the usual way.
- Writing with 15 Decoration shaped Decoration texts.
- The Decoration of both English and Arabic.
-add Symbols and Smiles during the decoration.
- The possibility of removing the decoration (configuration) of words through the Remove button configuration.
- Name Decoration with more than 20 Decoration.
- The ability to write to English language parser.
- The possibility of adding decor your manually through button (Decoration Manual)
- Ascii art shapes



Version: 2.5.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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