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You Are A Social Star And Stars Need To Get Paid! Sugachic is a new cutting-edge App that will get your social power and turn it into real money for an easy, fun thing like uploading a selfie. our brand new platform offers a revolutionary way that gives your followers and advertisers the opportunity to buy parts of your pictures and get more hassle or cutting a deal with some advertiser to hold a product, just does what you do best, having fun, and get paid! in Sugachic we also offer Brand new feature for you to progress and gather followers for free like "Feature", a tool that enables users to expose one another to their audience. "secret" which gives you the opportunity to get likes for the unveiling of stuff they didn't know about you. "where i got it" a tool to get likes for individual items you present on your picture and a new profile page that will let you arrange your pics by categories like a shootout book and look like a Pro.
For Advertisers-
Welcome and step into the revolution. your products are about to get the most massive exposure at the most attractive prices from now more pay per click, or lead or sale! from this day you are going to buy an ad space that will be yours to keep, just like buying property, and displaying you at the top of the potential clients view, right the with the publisher's content!



Version: 1.12

Requires: Android6.0 or later


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