Super Bright Flashlight

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Turn your device into a handy Super Bright Flashlight with only one tap!
Some things are meant to stay
and this flashlight app is one of them. Enjoy a super easy-to-use Flashlight free of complicated settings and 100+ features that
no one really needs or uses
Super Bright Flashlight
Easy to Use - only one tap is needed
No Settings
Light your way. Nothing superfluous.
Just a few situations when you need Super Bright Flashlight
Light up your room
Use torch to open door lock in low light
Find keys in the dark
Find things in your purse
Read in the dark
Replace a bulb at night
Walking to your car at night
During a power outage
Hiking or outdoors
SOS Signal during emergencies
Actual User Reviews
Petar Stojanovic
: Great! Download this, best flashlight ever!☺
Tammy Scrimgeour
: Basic Bright Flashlight! Does what it supposed to do. Very basic. Just what I was looking for! I don't need a bunch of colored blinking lights. Thank you! Great job!
Md Kabir
: Simple Does what you need it to do. No trash such as menu and settings like that.
Roberto Castillo
: Flashlight is very handy and practical and ease of use when needed! Thanks! 
Slick Spence
: Simple but very efficient 
allen hoekstra
: No adds and simple. Best flashlight app I've used.



Version: 8.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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