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There are many heavy metal news apps in the store - even more apps for metal radio. But isn't it better if you have both, radios and news, in a single app?
This is the must-have app for every metal music fan in the world.
For news, you
get access to the most reputable and popular news portals for metal music through RSS feeds. RSS allows fast news browsing, by providing to you the summary of the article and you can opt to read the whole story if you are interested! Concerts, album information and reviews, bands news, etc. at the tips of your fingers!
For radio, you get more than 30 stations from all around the world! Not only traditional heavy metal but also other sub-genres, as far as hard rock music is played from all stations and your choices are so many.
With easy to use yet intuitive app interface, fast radio and news loading and a hassle-free musical experience, this application will stay on your device to provide countless hours of great time, something all metal fans deserve!
***App Features***
* 6 online sources for heavy metal news
* Loads of radio stations playing heavy metal, hard rock and related musical genres
* Compact application, suitable for old devices
* Access to news and radio from the same app
* Easy to use! News are grouped in one block, radios in another
* Stylish interface with artistic heavy metal touches
* FREE app!



Version: 1.20

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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