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Do you dream about being a superhero, with all the superpowers and stuff? We can make your dreams come true, with a little help of Super Powers Effects Photo Editor! If you get this wondrous camera app right away, you will need no special tutorial on how to get super powers, only a funny selfie and the amazing picture stickers we prepared for you will be more than enough! Don't waste your time, download a photo editor with super powers, edit pictures and share them immediately on major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Viber! Perform the most hilarious and amazing picture editing using our Super Powers Effects Photo Editor!
✨ Get a free picture editing software!
✨ Choose from the gallery or take a selfie!
✨ Jump, make a face, strike a pose!
✨ Edit picture with stickers of a superpower you want!
✨ Make it super funny using our photo effects!
✨ When you're done, save to the gallery!
✨ Or share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Viber!
✨ The greatest super powers edit of pics, try out now for free!
If you need a photo editor with stickers which will help you get real “super hero powers”, at least on picture, congrats, your search is over, because Super Powers Effects Photo Editor is here! It is so easy to use, yet it gives amazing results – your job is to take a picture which is funny and interesting to edit, add photo stickers free and get “superpower effects” in an instant. Become a real pro in photo editing, learn how to have super powers and enjoy using the “best photo editing sticker app” on the market. Text on pics, girly picture frames – leave those simple camera effects to the beginners, now you need a super power editor, download and start taking the responsibility of a true superhero!
You can feel like a hero of superpower games, just get a photo sticker app and with the help of its “photo effects” you will be able to see how do you get super powers poderes in a matter of seconds. If you are at a party, turn on your “super power camera” and add a sticker for picture to make the pics even better. With some super powers fx effects there will be no more interesting post on social networks than yours, so download “Super Powers Effects Photo Editor” right now and enjoy creating wonders of pics. Try out this amazing picture editor with stickers and have fun all day long! To be a hero is now available to you, don't miss the opportunity to save the town from the attack of the villains, at least at pics!
Hurry up and download this “super power photo editor” for free and be sure that you've got the best photo editor for boys and girls equally – you will use the “photo stickers” over and over again and make so many different situations that everyone will ask you “how to get real superpowers”. Let them know that you used this superpower app so that they can download it too and enjoy the photo editor super powers together with you. If you are accustomed to using “top photo editing apps” exclusively, there is no better free app for you than our picture editor. It is so easy to use, yet so realistic – make a photo prank which everyone will believe in, use your new photo sticker editor once and again, and have loads of fun. Enjoy using Super Powers Effects Photo Editor!



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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