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There is a lot of mysterious in the world, mysterious and unknown. ghosts UFO, geoglyphs, whether Moon is an artificial satellite In the app-book «Supernatural» we discover a lot of known and unknown incidents or facts and collect the most interesting ones. And offer to ask yourselves: “is it all simply arranged in the Universe?” This is the first volume.The text is available in two languages: english and russian Free version contains ads.Note that the engine for the book we were creating our own from scratch, so there may be bugs. Tell us about bugs and it will be fixed.List of heads of the English version. - Huge underground tombs in the northern Andes- Uffington White Horse- Dogon people- Pharaoh's Helicopter?- Shigir Idol- Caves of Mars Project- Sable Island- Nazca- Haast's Eagle- Inedia- Spontaneous human combustion- Poltergeist- Voynich manuscript- Kolchak’s gold - Philadelphia Experiment- Vinland map- Bermuda Triangle- Yonaguni- Buryat lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov- Nibiru cataclysm- Piri Reis map of Antarctica – Antarctica ice free- Chachapoya culture- Other mini-stories



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Requires: Android2.2 or later


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