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We are glad to introduce to you our Society Supremo Mobile Application. Society Supremo is very user-friendly and nicely designed, it makes society work easier and hassle-free and easy to use platform for managing all society operations.
Society Supremo affordable communication platform to develop healthy relations between hosing society members and a smarter way of inter-connectivity. It manages housing society through “Push Notification Technology” which assists the society members to play their roles effectively.
Chairman or secretary plays a role of administrator allowing registration of residents so that they can use these registration details to log-in and access the services. Society Supremo notifies all society members for society events and activities on real-time so that people can actively participate in those activities and thus increases interaction with neighbours.
Society Supremo managing many operations like daily notices, monthly meetings, cultural events, contacts for daily needs, security alerts, high priority communication are being handled manually which lacks transparency, time consumption & need lot more labor. We make Society Supremo like this every person involved in society administration including house-owners should be comfortable with its functionality.
The login-based access controls should enable user’s quick connectivity to the system. The residents, as well as the management, should be able to swiftly navigate through the accounts, check pending charges or bills, see meeting updates.
Society Supremo Managing the visitors in any society is always a challenging and complicated task. Society Supremo has specialized visitor management modules, which maintains the automatic entry details of any visitor who enters the society premises. The in time, out time, records and vehicle particulars of each visitor can also be recorded easily, to ensure proper campus privacy and security.
Visitor management is a very vital function as it helps society management keep a track and monitor the footfall of the society, thereby increasing safety and supervision.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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