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Survival Manual Guide US Army FM 2176PrefaceIt may be in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarcticregion. You expect to have all your personalequipment and your unit members with you whereveryou go. However, there is no guarantee it will be so.You could find yourself alone in a remote areapossibly enemy territorywith little or no personalgear. This manual provides information and describesbasic techniques that will enable you to survive andreturn alive should you find yourself in such asituation.If you are a trainer, use this information as a base onwhich to build survival training You know the areasto which your unit is likely to deploy, the means bywhich it will travel, and the territory through which itwill travel. Read what this manual says aboutsurvival in those particular areas and find out all youcan about those areas. Read other books on survival.Develop a survivaltraining program that will enableyour to meet any survival situation they may face. It can make the difference between lifeand death.INTRODUCTIONSurvival ActionsPattern for SurvivalPSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVALA Look at StressNatural ReactionsPreparing YourselfSURVIVAL PLANNING AND SURVIVAL KITSImportance of PlanningSurvival Kits BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINERequirements for Maintenance of HealthMedical EmergenciesLifesaving StepsBone and Joint InjuryBites and StingsWoundsEnvironmental InjuriesHerbal MedicinesSHELTERSPrimary ShelterUniformShelter Site SelectionTypes of SheltersWATER PROCUREMENTWater SourcesStill ConstructionWater PurificationWater Filtration DevicesChapter 7 FIRECRAFTBasic Fire PrinciplesSite Selection and PreparationFire Material SelectionHow to Build a FireHow to Light a FireChapter 8 FOOD PROCUREMENTAnimals for FoodTraps and SnaresKilling DevicesFishing DevicesCooking and Storage of Fish and GameSURVIVAL USE OF PLANTSEdibility of PlantsPlants for MedicineMiscellaneous Uses of PlantsPOISONOUS PLANTSHow Plants PoisonAll About PlantsRules for Avoiding Poisonous PlantsContact Dermatitis Ingestion PoisoningDANGEROUS ANIMALSInsects and Arachnids Leeches Bats Venomous SnakesSnakeFree AreasDangerous LizardsDangers in Rivers Dangers in Bays and EstuariesSaltwater Dangers Other Dangerous Sea CreaturesFIELDEXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, ANDEQUIPMENTStaffsClubsEdged Weapons Other Expedient WeaponsCordage and Lashing Rucksack Construction Clothing and Insulation Cooking and Eating UtensilsDESERT SURVIVALTerrainEnvironmental Factors Need for WaterHeat CasualtiesPrecautionsDesert HazardsTROPICAL SURVIVALTropical WeatherJungle TypesTravel Through Jungle AreasImmediate ConsiderationsWater ProcurementFoodPoisonous PlantsChapter 15 COLD WEATHER SURVIVALCold Regions and locations WindchillBasic Principles of Cold Weather SurvivalHygieneMedical AspectsCold InjuriesSheltersFireWaterFoodTravel Weather SignsSEA SURVIVALThe Open SeaSeashoresEXPEDIENT WATER CROSSINGSRivers and streams RapidsRaftsFlotation DevicesOther Water Obstacles



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