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A fun-filled activity for anyone with interest in indian classical music, Hindustani music or Carnatic music or simply any style vocals.
Like Swar Saptak this tools will prove great companion to that.
< * This is a silent app and does not generate any sound * >
Some of the things which can be fun with this app
- Practicing saragam, alankar ,swara, aakar etc.
- Doing riyaz, singing as hobbyist, pitch practice.
- Visual feedback for playing musical instrument or singing.
- Tuning any instrument for indian music mode.
- Works in live/real-time through the microphone.
- 12 Musical Notes / Swara in real-time on Indian classical musical scale.
What is NOT there in app:
- if you can not keep your eyes open while singing it may not be useful. (because the feedback is visual)
- this app does not record any music
- this app does not playback any swara.



Version: 13.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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