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We are so delightful to come with an app that can truly be useful to all the sorts of users who are Food loving as well healthy diet.
We offer Gujarati Recipes in Gujarati language. We feel that you can learn Indian Veg recipes. new recipes & dishes only in the
mother tongue language that you speak at home.
Sweet Recipe in Gujarati app is very useful in your routine life. This app has 2500+ different kind of recipes in gujarati from around
the world. It explains in easy language.
World number one app for Sweet Recipe in Gujarati. In this app Collection of Tasteful and delighted Sweet Recipes in the Gujarati language.
you can read and prepare best Sweet Recipes for the family, guest, friends member,and other people.
# Good collection of recipes in gujarati.
# Favorite recipes (mark a recipe as favorite).
# Simple and soft app, works offline.
# No internet connection needed.
# Content presented in simple Gujarati language.
# Professionally designed, user-friendly design.
# Gujarati font for better reading experience.
# Share any recipe with friends on social networks.
# Easy to use.
# Rasgulla
# Gulab Jamun
# Mohanthal Faj
# Starwberry Burffie
# Dryfruit Kkatri
# Khajur Na Laddoo
# Gundar Pak
# Aadu Pak
# Ghooghra
# Doodh Pak
# Ras Malie
# Kaju Katri
# Chocolate Ghari
# Angir Ghari
# Jalebi
# Mathura Penda



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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