System Info Droid (Info, Tools and Benchmark)

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System Info Droid
allows you to get deep knowledge of your device with
real time parameters
, test its performance with the included
, free up RAM memory, copy the APK of your installed apps, check live info in your desktop with the
, share your device stats with your friends,
and munch more
System Info Droid features:
* Benchmark tool. It includes a graphic chart with results of hundreds of devices. Compare your device performance!
* Includes tool for free up RAM.
* Installed Apps section. Copy the apk of your installed apps, uninstall them, etc...
* Detailed device specifications (CPU, Cores, Graphic Chip, WIFI & Mobile Networks, Sound Chip, RAM Memory, Storage, Screen, Camera, Temperatures, Battery, Sensors...).
* Share specifications through messaging or social network apps.
* Complete email report.
* Widgets with CPU performance, RAM use and temperature.
* 4 skin colors for the App.
* Real time information.
* And much more...

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What's New System Info Droid (Info, Tools and Benchmark)

- Solved minor bugs.



Version: 1.4.18

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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