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TESTING OF ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS is a step by step tutorial guide to test different kinds of electronics components for future engineer's who are willing to learn some interesting stuff.
This app will help you to test various Electronic components. Following are the topics given below:
✓How to Test Components
✓How to test Electronic parts
✓Electronic Part Testing
✓How to check components
✓How to check Electronic device
✓Test resistance
✓How to check Electronic Circuits
✓How to test resistor
✓Colour coding of resistor
✓Resistor testing.
✓Resistance testing by multimeter.
✓Capacitor testing.
✓Variable resistor testing, or three terminal resistors like:
✓Potentiometer testing and
✓Preset testing.
✓Fixed inductors testing,
✓Variable inductor testing,
✓Air core inductor testing and
✓Iron core inductor testing.
✓Light dependent resistor testing,
✓LDR testing.
✓Transformer testing
✓LED testing
✓DIODE testing
✓Charged Voltage Testing of capacitor.
You will also be able to find the various faults in the components which are given below:
✓Checking faults in Diode
✓Checking faults in LED
✓Checking faults in Resistance
✓Checking faults in Transformer
✓Checking faults in capacitor
✓Checking faults in inductor
✓Checking faults in potentiometer
✓Checking faults in preset
✓Checking faults in light dependent resistor.
✓Checking faults in LDR
✓Checking faults in air core inductor
✓Checking faults in variable inductor
✓Check faults in Electronic Device and Circuits
There is some brief introduction about:
#Resistor colour coding
#Light Dependent resistor.
Electronic component.
In the app there is a short description about each and every component and then steps of testing are described.
This app will help you in following areas:
*Troubleshooting of Electronic Equipments
*Troubleshooting of Electronic parts
*Minor projects
*Major project
*TV troubleshooting
*TV repair
*Radio repair
*Amplifier repair
*Computer and laptop repairing.
This app covers basic components of electrical and elctronic engineering.



Version: 3.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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