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It39;s ttpangpang rescue 3D animation go launcher theme.This app was made free under the request of Vix creative. Jelly bean user NOTICE Jelly beans does not seem to list all paid a GOlauncher theme.Is not the cause in this theme Golauncher.If this occurs, please send email to me.I39;m going to explain how to solve. Explanation 4 main wallpapers pink sticker type icons and character icons How to use 1 apply a theme : menuthemesclick installedchoice themepress apply button.2 main bg : menupreferencesvisual settingswallpaperGo wallpaperchoice one.3. app drawer bg : menupreferencesvisual settingsapp drawer backgroudsgo theme backgroudchoice one.4. dockbar bg : menupreferencesvisual settingsdock backgroudsgo theme backgroudchoice one.5. main icon arrangement : menupreferencesapplication settingsgrid size.6. app drwer arrangement : menupreferencesapplication settingsapp drawergrid size.7. icon size : menupreferencesvisual settingsiconsicon size.8. hide dock : menupreferencesappearances settingsunchecked show dock. After Go launcher EX installation, press the Home key. And check the Go launcher.



Version: 3.1

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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