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Talisman Voice Selfie Camera HD, foto editor is a beauty camera app which help you to take a selfie through voice from some distance .You also take group of people selfie Talisman Voice Selfie Camera. Selfie camera is beauty tool for take cool Selfie.
Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your personality, confidence and fashion sense etc. Selfies are popular among both genders. Celebrities post selfies for their followers on social media.Talisman voice selfie camera is best selfie camera that allows you to take beautiful selfies using a voice command. Now, capture a picture using your voice, with a lot of photo filters and HD camera effects
Talisman Voice Selfie Camera HD, foto editor by Voice is an awesome camera application that gives you a chance to take Selfie through voice. It’s best Selfie by voice camera application in which you can click on camera and saying some words. After a while its take selfie. . This Selfie camera application will make easier for you to take selfie by voice it will enable you to take selfies effectively and with no problems.
This beauty camera provides user to use counter so you can take surprise selfies without spending more time on it. Most of us get the photo we want when we take images its no matter how great our phone camera. Using Talisman Voice Selfie Camera HD, foto editor to get the perfect filter for a Selfie.
Talisman Voice Selfie Camera Features
 This beauty camera Allow taking a self-portrait photo using your voice
 Live preview of the image
 face highlight and shape reshaping with awesome effects
 filters specially designed for delightful selfie upon your mood
 Good quality beauty camera like candy
 More panoramic image capture
 Option for taking selfie from a distance
 Diverse range of photo make your skin look amazing
 Scene modes, color effects, white balance and exposure compensation!
 Best result, Front and back facing camera كاميرا
 Even hides wrinkles and pimples
 Beautiful photo filter effects Available
 Mirror filter to take a selfie unique
 Take selfies, share smiles and post to social media
 Not every filter is right for every selfie, so play around with different options before settling on the best one. Share your selfie on Snap chat, Facebook, VK, Twitter and Instagram for all your friends to see.
How to set Talisman Voice Selfie Camera
= firstly set countdown after sound trigger is activated
= set the length of countdown.
= set sound effects for countdown.
= set sound effect when taken picture.
=Automatically turn on repeating sound trigger.
= you can also use volume button to take a picture.
How to Take a Good Selfie through this beauty camera
Here we have some tips for taking a perfect selfie.
Have solid light source. Most high-quality selfies need good lighting.
Keep it all as natural as possible
Get the best Angle
Don’t force your facial expression
A confident smile is always a good look
Tilt your phone, not your head
 Do not add too many filters at a time
Get a selfie stick if you want to have a selfie from the top
Crop out the unnecessary
Don't take the same selfie all the time
You can add a caption to describe when sharing, but you might want to just let it speak for itself.
Download this Talisman Voice Selfie Camera HD, foto editor -photograph application as it is free. Remember to give us your feedback so we can give you all the more great work in the future



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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