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No more taking the phone out of your pocket to know what time it is.Allows you to with A simple click know what time it is without the need of taking your phone out of your pocket.You can also set an interval for automatic announcement of what the current time is.Usage: click your power button 23 times while the background service is running and it will say in a text to speech voice what the current time is. Used for example when you have earphones and telephone in your pocket, so you don39;t have to take it out to know what the time is.Info: You might need to go into quot;voice input amp; outputquot; gt; quot;text to speech settingsquot; to install TTS default data. Request a feature and i39;ll probebly add it, i read all comments and mails, even if i do not answer.Give me some feedback in comments and suggestions about stuff you might want added



Version: 1.4.4

Requires: Android2.0.1 or later


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