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Polly want a cracker! Talking Popo Parrot, talk to him and he talks back! An interactive parrot for hours of fun! The perfect talking children's app for all ages! Kids will love Talking Popo Parrot, download now to start the fun!
- talk to Popo Parrot and hear him repeat your words back to you
- slap his face touching your finger on his head
- tap his stomach to make him mad! - tap his leg to punch him!
- slide your finger on his stomach to make him giggle
- press a button to give food
- press a button to see a song!
- press the gift for a new animation!
- shake the app! He interacts with you!
- He has a hungry meter that goes down over time and if it does, you can make him eat to raise the meter
- He has a love meter which goes up or down based on giggling or actions that make him mad like tapping
We are committed to improving the quality of our apps, if you are experiencing issues, please email us directly at
and please tell us which phone you have.
- App2Sd installation
- Help the Family! Download the App!
- 3D Modeling and Animation by Magic Spangle Studios Pvt. Ltd.



Version: 6.9.1

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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