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Assign tasks effectively, perform them successfully and control the process throughout with TASKER.
TASKER is a flexible tool for managing tasks, processes and employees.
Made for businesses with a mobile workforce, TASKER connects your office employees with your field force representatives in real time:
1. your field force representative uses the personalized app on his Android device
2. your office employee manages the process through the web portal.
Features include:
Real time field force task assessment, monitoring and history
Route planning, live map and in-app navigation
Real time new job alerts and task revision
Digital signatures and the client satisfaction evaluation
All your documents digitized, always available for immediate access
Drawing on captured images, leaving notes
Offline mode
Time and location tracking, NFC and QR code integration
Real time inventory monitoring
Job history stats and reports
Full integration with other business management systems
All task-related documents attached to the job profile
Every industry has its own specifics. TASKER is designed as a flexible solution to accommodate the unique requirements of your business.
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Version: v3.3.9.189

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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