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Teacher timetable is for 9 classes. Teacher olryeotdeon before schedule and the same. That period was only seven were revision is for 9 classes. The following is a description of the timetable for teachers. The timetable for secondary school students or college students, which many teachers do not seem to make a timetable, and the most simple and efficient use of emphasis placed on helping. Schedules can be modified to suit your own lessons and simply display it to Step 6 can be checked in each class. check progress, homework or tests to check that the displayed colors if anhaetneun can.1. Press the Modify button on the left below the timetable goes into edit mode. 2. Select the desired fields to suit their class to enter the half. 3. Bring power back to the end of the save button and press the button returns to the screen. 4. Corresponding to the colors on the bottom of the memo to the contents and then save it. 5. In notepad right, and you can save short notes. 6. Each time you press the press the lessons vary in color. When you save, and is 7. Class time than 0.5 seconds, press and hold to return to its initial state.

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Version: 1.0.6

Requires: Android 2.2 or later


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