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BCC team - Social platform for employees of BCC
Here you can easily share knowledge, information, documents and expertise. And all in one simple interface. BCC team will communicate and cooperate within the organization easier and more efficient.
The mobile team of BCC, you are always aware of everything that happens in your location and department. You have anywhere access to your files, information, and your team. You can respond easily, share ideas and answer questions.
Never a crowded inbox or missing documents. With Team BCC save time by receiving fewer emails and send. Information and documents quickly back through the advanced search and you will always find people with the right knowledge and expertise.
The Benefits of Team BCC
✔ Communicate wherever you are
✔ All information, documents and knowledge anytime, anywhere
✔ Together conduct discussions and share ideas
✔ Learning the knowledge and expertise within your organization
✔ Time saved through fewer e-mail and find what you're looking for
✔ Secure sharing messages
✔ Important news is never missed
Security & Management
BCC team is 100% Dutch. All data is hosted in a highly secure and climate-neutral data center in Haarlem. This center uses the latest security technologies. However, should something go wrong, then there is 24-hour standby engineer to solve any problems.
Feature list:
✔ Profiles
✔ Groups
✔ messages
✔ News



Version: 6.0.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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