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The most popular intermediate weightlifting program of all-time is available in an app!
The Texas Method is split into 2 week cycles with 3 workouts in each week:
- Week 1: Volume Workout
- Week 1: Recovery Workout
- Week 1: Intensity Workout
- Week 2: Volume Workout
- Week 2 Recovery Workout
- Week 2: Intensity Workout
Monday's workout is the "Volume Day".
Wednesday's "Recovery Day" is a lighter day which prevents detraining but allows for more recovery.
Friday is the "Intensity Day" where you’re recovered and ready to make a new PR.
Each week you will go through a complete stress/recovery/adaptation cycle. In the Texas Method you will not accumulate fatigue. This weight lifting program is intended to be run for long periods of time.
Bonus Features:
- Customize your lifts
- Never do plate math! We've included a plate calculator that will tell you what plates to load on your bar for each lift and automatically round your weights.
- Login to backup / sync your progress. Never lose your work!



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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