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Chat transliteration keyboard is the easiest and best Text transliterator in the android market with transliteration of all languages. You don’t need to switch a transliterator app as transliterations are built into keyboard! This means you can use it as transliteration keyboard for any language in any app. It is a complete transliteration keyboard that has a cute, easy to tap and large key added for transliteration at any time. Use this FREE conversation transliteration keyboard everywhere in your app. Type a single line or complete para or just a single word and tap transliterate to get instant transliteration of any language.
Chat transliteration keyboard is tested with the following languages as got the best results of results of transliteration:
• Arabic transliteration
• Indic transliteration
• Transliteration Hindi to English
• Malayalam transliterator
• Telugu transliteration to English
• Hebrew transliteration
• Bengali transliteration keyboard
• Malay transliteration
• English to Bengali transliteration
These are some of many which were tested for conversation transliteration keyboard and got very awesome results. Communicate in any language you like with the Text transliteration keyboard. You can directly write in all languages within your application without having to use external chat transliterator that you can use in chat, chat, social networking and any application you want. Transliteration directly via the keyboard does not need to copy and paste or to use other applications the transliteration will appear in writing directly and can switch between languages easily and all languages are available.
Uniqueness of Chat transliterator:
The uniqueness of chat transliter is; you don’t need to write text at one place and then transliterate in any other app, this best text transliterator gives you the facility of keyboard and transliteration at one place. Easy type and then click on transliterate and get the quickest transliteration.
Chat Transliterator keyboard is the simplest transliteration keyboard app you will find to chat and text transliteration. You no longer have to switch to a transliterator app; transliterations are built into your keyboard! This means you can transliterate to any language in any application. You can also use it as simple English keyboard and also your all languages transliteration keyboard. Easy typing was the key purpose while developing its base keyboard.
How to use text transliterator:
It’s like a keyboard app but with transliteration feature. After installation open the text transliteration, click on the first option of “Enable chat transliterator” and then text transliterator as in put method then enjoy your fastest awesome and FREE transliteration keyboard.
Features of conversation transliteration:
• Elegant design
• Complete transliteration Keyboard
• Quick transliteration
• Supported 30+ languages
• Tested with most used languages
• Easy typing app
• Write and transliterate at one place
• Larger key for transliteration option
Use it for any language like Arabic, Indic regional languages, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Hebrew, Bengali for transliteration and let us know about your feedback. If you found it useful then share with friends and family to make their life easier by using this awesome chat transliteration keyboard.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.4 or later


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