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The Clever Fox - Kids Story and Activity Book. Children can Paint, Erase, Save, Record, Listen.
The clever fox
Page 1: Once upon a time there lived a clever fox in a forest. He was known for his wisdom. One day he was roaming here and there in search of food in the forest.
Page 2: Suddenly he saw a dead elephant lying nearby. He went near it. His mouth filled with water and he thought, “I have got plenty of food. Today I will have a feast.”
Page 3: When he got ready to eat the flesh and tried to take a big bite, he found that the elephant’s skin was very thick and hard. He was unable to cut the elephant’s skin.
Page 4: Suddenly he saw a lion coming that way. He got afraid to see the lion. He thought, “Lion is the king of this forest. It is wise to be modest and invite him to have a feast.”
Page 5: He went to the lion and said, “My lord! Here is a dead elephant lying nearby. Please come and have a feast. Whatever you will leave behind, I will eat it and will feel obliged.”
Page 6: The lion roared with anger and said,” I am the king. I don’t touch somebody else’s hunt that I have not killed myself.” The lion moved forward on his way.
Page 7: He got relaxed to see the lion going. The fox came back to the place where the dead elephant was lying and started thinking again to cut its hard skin.
Page 8: When the fox was trying to cut the elephant’s skin he saw a tiger coming that way. He thought, “Oh god! This tiger will certainly eat the elephant and I will remain empty stomach again. Then he thought of a solution.”
Page 9: The tiger came near to him and saw the dead elephant. His mouth filled with water. The clever fox understood his feelings.
Page 10: When the tiger got ready to jump on the elephant, the fox was ready to deal with this situation. He said, “Sir! The lion just killed this elephant. He went to take a bath and told me to guard this dead elephant.”
Page 11: He continued, “Sir! If you touch it, you will have to face the lion’s anger. Better you leave before the lion comes back.”
Page 12: The tiger got afraid of hearing the lion’s name. He heavy heartedly left that place as quickly as he could. The fox got relaxed again.
Page 13: Now the fox thought that it was not possible for him to cut the elephant’s skin and he had to take somebody’s help. Suddenly he saw a leopard coming that way.
Page 14: The clever fox got an idea. He thought, “Now this leopard will cut the elephant’s skin for me.” When the leopard came near to him he said, “Dear leopard! The lion just killed this elephant.
Page 15: He continued, “He went to take a bath and told me to guard this dead elephant. Please have a bite. I will take care that when the lion comes back I will warn you and then you run away.”
Page 16: The fox’s invitation was very tempting to the leopard. He could not resist the temptation and jumped on the dead elephant. Soon he cut the thick and hard skin of the elephant.
Page 17: When the leopard cut the elephant’s skin and was about to eat the flesh, the fox shouted, “The lion is back. The lion is back…”
Page 18: When the leopard heard this, he got afraid of the lion and ran away as fast as he could. Now the fox was happy that the leopard solved his problem and cut the elephant’s skin.
Page 19: When the fox was about to enjoy the elephant’s flesh, another fox came that way. He saw the dead elephant. He filled with greed and tried to jump over the dead elephant.
Page 20: The fox fought with this another fox and defeated him. Another fox got hurt and ran away to save his life. Now the fox enjoyed the elephant’s flesh with peace. All his problems got solved.
Page 21: The moral of the story is “Wise people tackle the elders with modesty, the more powerful with shrewdness and the equals with bravery.”



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