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1. Structure of Economy and Human Resource in India
Introduction; Salient Features; National Income Of India; Population
2. Planning, Unemployment and Poverty in India
Introduction; Planning Commission; NITI Aayog; Five Year Plans; Unemployment; Poverty; Millennium Development Goals; Sustainable Development Goals
3. Agriculture
Introduction; Features of Indian Agriculture; Growth and Productivity; Agriculture in Five Year Plans; National Agricultural Policy; Major Agriculture Programmes & Revolutions; Land Reforms; Co-operative Farming; Rural Credit and Extension Services; Agricultural Insurance, Marketing & Price Policy; Public Distribution System
4. Fiscal and Monetary Policy
Introduction; Fiscal policy; Expenditure; Deficit & Taxes; Indian Tax Structure; Black Money; Finance Commission; Monetary Policy
5. Money Supply and Indian Financial System
Introduction; Money Market; Capital Market; Money Supply; Inflation; Indian Banking System; Insurance Sector; Micro Finance
6. Foreign Trade and Investment in India
Introduction; Foreign Exchange Reserves; India’s Foreign Trade; Balance Of Payments; India’s Balance of Payment
7. Industry and Infrastructure
Introduction; Status of Indian Industries; Acts a



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