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"Like your body your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings."-- Imam Ali A.SAs Imam Ali A.S said to refresh your mind with wise sayings, we have collected nice quotations from 14 Infallibles A.S for you. We have developed this application to spread the words of Masoomeen (14 Infallibles) A.S.So, Read the quotes and act upon them and share with your friends.Name of 14 Infallibles A.S are,- Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.W)- Hazrat Fatima Az-Zahra (A.S)- Imam Ali Amir-ul-Mo'mineen (A.S)- Imam Hasan Al-Mujtaba (A.S)- Imam Husain (A.S)- Imam Zain-ul-Abideeen (A.S)- Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (A.S)- Imam Ja'far As-Saadiq (A.S)- Imam Musa Al-Kazim (A.S)- Imam Ali Ar-Riza (A.S)- Imam Muhammad At-Taqi (A.S)- Imam Ali An-Naqi (A.S)- Imam Hasan Al-Askari (A.S)- Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (A.S)Features:✓ Quotations of 14 Infallibles✓ Random quotes✓ Add to favorites✓ Share with facebook email SMS.✓ Biographies of 14 Infallibles✓ Backend support for quotation's updates (We will occasionally add more quotes from our server. You just need to update your database from Settings)✓ Nice and user-friendly UI designThis application is developed by Golden Pearls Team. And we don't ask anything from you about this application but your prayers.Note: If you find any problem with any quote then report it to our support desk. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.



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