The Light Within:Sri Aurobindo

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"Open your heart and the Light will enter and dwell within it."
"At every moment all the unforeseen, the unexpected, the unknown is before us – and what happens to us depends mostly on the intensity and purity of our faith. -The Mother "
When confronted with hurdles and confusions, when facing crossroads in the path of life, there is a need for an inner guidance and help to take the right decisions and acquire clarity on the road to be taken.
This Digital Version of ‘The Light Within’ pack of cards, helps kindle the Light within us with the Divine Guidance in the form of Quotations selected from the writings of The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry and bestows a better clarity.
The combined effect of one’s aspiration and the Divine message helps dispel the dark clouds of confusion and helps in progress. This digitalised version of ‘The Light Within’ aids in making the service handy and available anytime on your mobile for Instant Guidance.
Using the cards
Each of the 72 cards bring messages from The Mother’s writings, to the seeker.
Install the application on your mobile, open it, concentrate and aspire from within and with a silent prayer to the Divine seeking guidance, click on the card to view your personal message from the selected Quotes.
Each card has a central word and a small quotation. Meditate on the meaning of the message to unravel the Guidance from the Divine and obtain clarity on the confusion plaguing one at the moment.
With a prayer and gratitude to The Divine Mother, we wish you a journey of progress, light and peace.
An offering at lotus feet of Divine Mother and Sri Aurobindo by



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