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Share your thoughts among people nearby and see their thoughts.Share your thoughts among people nearby and read their thoughts. Tag places, have conversation. NEW: Picture thoughts. Snap a picture of something you39;re wondering. It locates you, and and shows closest shared thoughts. push Notification C2DM alert is shown when new thought is posted near you under 500 meters 1640 Post anything that pops up to your mind at current location For example you could write: quot;I39;m having a houswarming party in flat 5A, all neighbours are invited Sorry for the noise quot; quot;Lets have a lunchquot; in your company, and your coworkers will get Push Notification, if they are closeby. quot;Yard Sale at 5th Street, blue house, 10pm 2pmquot; to advertise a local event. quot;Two car accident at the intersection of Fifth and East Avenuequot; to report something you saw.Built in rating system for users guarantees the quality of service. People who get a lot dislikes, will be guarantined for a day and those thoughts are removed.Write your thoughts anonymously. No registration. Rate other peoples thoughts by liking them or disliking them. Comment, have conversation, enjoy



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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