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Vishuddha is the blue chakra, and is also known as the purification center. When it is open, you are able to turn negative experiences in wisdom and knowledge. When it is closed, a person slowly undergoes a process of death and decay. It is said that one's success or failure in life is mainly determined by the state of this chakra alone.
To balance this chakra, we created Throat Chakra Cleansing, an App that will allow you to play a 192Hz tone that will help you clear this energy center while meditating on it. This binaural isochronic tone can be made even more pleasant thanks to the 7 relaxing songs you can play in the background. The first one is free, while the others can be downloaded in the premium version. The titles of the tracks in our playlist are as follows, and can be used to heal your soul:
1. Earth Tone
2. Life in Peace
3. Shamanic Healing
4. Serenity Song
5. Language of Light
6. Karma Connection
7. Release Fears
To improve your experience, we added a timer to control exactly how long you will meditate. You can unlock it in the premium version, and set precisely how long to listen to our music to relax.
Meditation on the fifth chakra is said to bring occult powers: the possibility of seeing past, present and future; resistance to diseases; destruction of dangers. While meditating on Vishuddha, if you wish to perform mantra chanting, you should repeat the mantra haṃ, the syllable which is written in white upon this chakra.
We hope you can improve your moments of harmony and serenity through this app. May it help you find peace and wellbeing through your seven chakras. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at



Version: 1.00

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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