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### Stunning Augmented Reality showcases to demonstrate what TigerCreate offers ###
### Our Software TigerCreate is developed for winners: The award winning interactive iBook “Lindbergh” (Apples Best of 2015) was created using TigerCreate! ###
NOTE: This app will not work unless you download and print the image targets from:
We love to tell stories in the most exciting and entertaining way. That’s why we develop our software TigerCreate, an amazing animation and Augmented Reality technology which allows you to create your own Apps. Discover our highlight projects with awesome animation, games and stunning features.
(Please note, this content is an extract of projects and just for demonstration)
Now start your tour through the amazing world of different characters and features of our Augmented Reality portfolio!
TigerCreate is used by publishing houses and agencies to build incredible entertaining interactive apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS and iBooks. When do you start to create your own apps?
Create. Excite. Achieve. – with TigerCreate
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Version: 1.1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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