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An indispensable, easytouse tool for time calculationsGet professional results every time with this handy and easytouse tool for projects involving time measurementsWork in and convert between time units Years, Days, Months, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.Use it at home, in your office or on the run for onthespot time calculations. Also, you never have to look for a basic calculator again as long as you have your phone.With the calculator you can:Add, subtract, multiply and divide and take percents of time units.For example 5hr 30min 5.5hr or 25hr x 5 1hr 15min.Enter compound units, for example 1hr 2min x 2 4hr 2min 5 sec 1sec 6hr 6min 4sec.Convert a result to multiple units, for example 1 hr 60min, 3600sec, 0.04167day, and 0.000142yr. Display a history of your work. Work with decimals, 7.5hr 6.3hr 13hr 48minPerform percentage calculations, for example 20min x 50 10min. Even use it as a basic calculator, for example 12 x 12 144 or 5 x 5 x 4 x 6 11.23 611.23It39;s incredibly easy to use; the display is easy to read and there39;s nothing like this time calculator A great addition to the toolbox of home owners, time keepers, accountants, lawyers, directors, TV producers, engineers, payroll personnel or employees that need to complete timecards time cards or easily convert, mix or manipulate time measurements.Keywords: Time Conversion, Time Calculator, Time Calculater, Time Converter,



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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