Tips for KineMaster Video Editing Pro 2020

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This app is free to use and can be accessed without any limits. You can have it installed on all devices you own. This one is as good as a real friend at anywhere at any time. Don't miss. Let's download. Enjoy the multimedia and well-designed content for everyone.
There are advanced, easy-to-use tools, like multiple layers of video, mixed modes, voiceover, chroma keys, speed control, transitions, translations, special effects, and much more! Discover the secrets of why many like KineMaster for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and why journalists, educators, marketers and vloggers use it professionally! Download KineMaster to create, edit and share awesome videos made by yourself!
Introduction of Kine Master
Introduction to the appearance of kine master
Introduction of features and settings
Basic knowledge
Trimming tutorial
Cropping tutorial
1. How to edit video in Kinemaster
2. How to crop a video in Kinemaster
3. How to use the transition function in Kinemaster
4. How to make a voiceover in Kinemaster
5. How to add text to a Kinemaster video
6. How to add music to your videos in Kinemaster
7. How to download Kinemaster Pro in Kinemaster
Some features :
= Several layers of videos, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting
= Combining modes to create surprising and beautiful effects
= Various aspect ratios supported
= Export 4K 2160p videos at 30FPS
= Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox and more
= And more features, options and settings.
= Add voiceover, background music, and sound effects
= Editing tool to cut, separate and cut your videos
= Animated key frame tool for adding movement to video layers
= The Asset Store provides music, video clips, fonts, stickers, transitions and more to enhance your videos, always updated every week
= Speed control for time intervals and slow motion effects
= automatic volume, ducking, and automatic volume envelopes for immersive audio
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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 4.2 or later


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