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TopoSuite is an application for land surveyors which is useful to determine new geographical points based on measurements. It also offers various calculations possibilities.
Here is the list of supported calculations:
Polar calculations:
- Station orientation
- Free station
- Polar survey
- Polar implantation
- Axis implantation
Orthogonal calculations:
- Orthogonal survey
- Orthogonal tracking
- Orthogonal implantation
Intersections calculations:
- Lines intersection
- Circles intersections
- Line / circle intersections
Surfaces calculations:
- Surface included with arc of a circle
- Parallel limit displacement regarding compulsory surface
- Field / distance
- Point projection on a line
- Circle computation using three points
- Arc of a circle segmentation
- Triangle solver
- Circular elements resolution
This application is free and open source (check out
). You are welcome to contribute!
Note that this program has been developed in accordance with rules that are valid for land surveying in Switzerland (angles are determined in gradian, lengths are in meters).



Version: 1.1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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