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Track Your Vitals helps us to store ours and the entire families vitals and critical medical information with us always. Track Your Vitals lets you store all the medical information of yours and your other family members which you will need when you visit your doctor during illness or visit your pharmacy for medications or go to the lab for regular tests.
With Track Your Vitals app, diagnostic labs can directly push the reports through this app which means the individual need not revisit the Lab to collect the reports. All the reports will be available with the individual if he/she is a registered user of Track Your Vitals app and the Lab is a registered partner of Tejasco. Online access to reports lets Track Your Vitals users to share their reports quickly with their doctors and also saves time in visiting the doctor at all times.
Pharmacies are benefited with Track Your Vitals solutions since it reduces lot of paper work and evades prescription less medications which has poses a legal threat to the Pharmacies. Pharmacy can track the chronic consumers medications proactively and deliver it to their doorstep.
Key Features
Track Your Vitals for Family
Track Your Vitals for Doctors
Track Your Vitals for Pharmacy
Track Your Vitals for Diagnostic Labs



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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