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TrollCam camera App: A very efficient way for you to make and loose friends A very efficient way for you to make and loose friends The best way to use this program is at a party.Open the TrollCam and ask some friend of yours to take a photo of you. Tell them they just have to point and click on any volume button in order to get the picture taken.The phone will show the back camera of your device,just like a normal camera app, but with a 90 degrees rotation. No matter how much your friend rotates the phone, the image will always be 90 degrees rotated, which will completely annoy your friend.If he or she ever pushes any volume button, things will get even more interesting: the phone will take a photo made by the front camera, i.e. your friend39;s face trying to take the photo.The photo is saved on the TrollCam folder of your sdcard.Right after the photo is displayed and the Trololo tune is played.This software is actually very useful for people who want to learn new cusswords Like any other app, the TrollCam can only access your frontcam if you have android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher installed.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 5 or later


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