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A dictionary which supports popular Linux star-dict (stardict) formats.
Main Features:
1. Support star-dict format: *.ifo, *.idx, *.dict, and *; support synonyms, *.syn, if bundled.
2. Support the use of multiple dictionaries simultaneously.
3. User configurable to switch between multi-panes for large LCD on tablet and single-pane for phones of small LCDs.
4. Support lookup history list review; max entries: 600 words.
5. Support notebook to add new words for later review; max entries: 10,000 words.
6. Scan for the very first level sub-folder while importing dictionaries from external storage (a μSD card, USB drive or the internal storage in a tablet).
7. Support text-to-speech if your device is capable of. And you should configure it in system "Settings" / "Language & input" / "Text-to-speech settings".
8. Support resource records type, "r", in "/res" subfolder under each imported dictionary, but do NOT support for compressed database format.
9. Support both star-dict v2.4.2 32-bit and v3.0.0 64-bit offset.
10. Do NOT support compressed index file: *
11. Do NOT support dictionaries containing non-UTF-8 strings, those with "sametypesequence" contains 'l'.
12. Support synonym dictionaries (*.syn) if the imported dictionaries bundled with ones.
13. Do not support collocate dictionaries (*.clt) even the imported dictionaries bundled with ones.

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What's New Twinkle Star Dictionary

[2015/10/19] v2015.10.19.33
Fix NPE in lookup.
[2015/10/15] v2015.10.15.32
Support ".syn" for synonyms if available
[2015/10/14] v2015.10.14.31
Remove the requirement to write to external μSD card for cache files in Android 4.4 KitKat and above.
[2015/10/12] v2015.10.12.30
Add support for star-dict v2.4.2 32-bit and v3.0.0 64-bit offset.



Version: 2015.10.19.33

Requires: Android 4 or later



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