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A dictionary which supports popular Linux star-dict (stardict) formats.
Main Features:
1. Support star-dict format: *.ifo, *.idx, *.dict, and *
2. Support the use of multiple dictionaries simultaneously.
3. User configurable to switch between multi-panes for large LCD on tablet and single-pane for phones of small LCDs.
4. Support lookup history list review; max entries: 600 words.
5. Support notebook to add new words for later review; max entries: 10,000 words.
6. Scan for the very first level sub-folder while importing dictionaries from external storage (a μSD card, USB drive or the internal storage in a tablet).
7. Support text-to-speech if your device is capable of. And you should configure it in system "Settings" / "Language & input" / "Text-to-speech settings".
8. Support resource records type, "r", in "/res" subfolder under each imported dictionary, but do NOT support for compressed database format.
9. Require write access to your external storage while importing dictionaries. This may be an internal storage in mobile device or an external μSD-card or USB-drive. During the operation it needs to create 2 index files (*.oft and *.wl) to speed up lookup; and these files will not be removed after you remove the dictionaries (this is to speed up loading next time you import them).
10. Do NOT support compressed index file: *
11. Do NOT support for 64-bit offset.
12. Do NOT support dictionaries containing non-UTF-8 strings, those with "sametypesequence" contains 'l'.
13. Do not support synonym dictionaries (*.syn) even the imported dictionaries bundled with ones.
14. Do not support collocate dictionaries (*.clt) even the imported dictionaries bundled with ones.



Version: 2014.04.29.27

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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