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TypeSmart is totally FREE!
TypeSmart takes the pain out of typing on a mobile device. Going back to fix typos and "damn you auto-correct" interrupts your thought process and groove. With TypeSmart, your ideas just flow onto the screen with the fewest possible keystrokes. Type as fast as you want -- TypeSmart will catch your typos and offer predictions up to two words ahead (and it gets smarter as you type). The most customizations puts the right keys at your fingertips. Toggle a 5-row full keyboard layout with just a swipe. Intelligent typo-correction knows what you really meant to say.
Compared to other keyboards, with TypeSmart you will make fewer typos, and go back less often to fix auto-corrects. Even when you do, they will take less time.
By the way, TypeSmart works great on your tablet, too. We don't make you buy a special "tablet edition".
3 more cool things about TypeSmart:
- Type commonly used words or phrases in a single keystroke
- Over 20 themes to choose from or use your own photo wallpaper
- English (US & UK)
- Spanish
- French
- German
- QWERTY (English)
- QWERTY (Spanish)
- QWERTY (International)
- AZERTY (French)
- QWERTZ (German)
- T9
Compatible devices:
- Samsung
- Motorola
- LG
- Nexus
- Plus 99.9% of Android devices

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What's New TypeSmart Keyboard

Many improvements and bug fixes.
Incremented version number.



Version: 2.6.1

Requires: Android 5.0 or later


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