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"USA News Live" is an application that offers a brand new, exciting way to stay informed about things happening in the states. You no longer have to load heavy websites, loaded with flash-Based advertisements and offering so many different articles that they flood you with nonsense, not allowing you to read what's truly important!
In this compact application, we have included the most popular web portals and other online sources through RSS feeds!
What are RSS feeds:
Simply a fast way to view news, without having to load full each website separately.
With an RSS feed, you can see the top news of the selected feed in a list with their summary. If the article is interesting to you, you can read the whole story. If not, check the next one! This not only saves you time but also consumes less of your data plan, if you are using 3G or 4G network.
We have included many RSS feeds so everyone will be happy with the variety and the reliability of news they can get! Not only RSS feeds from nation-wide news sources, but also some from particular States.
And all this comes with an application which is compact, suitable for older devices and stylish with a strong American - themed design!
***Spectacular Features***
* Easy to use app, really fast news browsing.
* Many reliable news sources so you can cross-check everything you read!
* Small application, suitable for devices with limited available storage, or simply old.
* App2SD compatible
* Stylish and intuitive interface
* The most comprehensive Android app for news from the US!
* Last but not least, it is FREE forever!



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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