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This application allows students at the University of Sevilla, registered in official degrees of Bachelor and Master, conduct opinion surveys on the teaching of their subjects in each academic year.
For each academic year will have two periods to complete surveys, one for each quarter. A first period for the subjects of the first quarter and second, for those annual subjects and the second semester. These periods will be published by the University of Seville in advance.
To access the survey, students will identify with the virtual user of the University of Seville (UVUS) and may carry out a survey for each teacher to impart teaching in the main activity, in one of its enrolled subjects. Information will be presented by Certification and Qualification within each independent blocks of subjects with teachers who are taught. The student can check what surveys carried out and how many you have left to perform as well as those that are about to end.
All survey are composed of the same 22 questions, and each question is evaluated by selecting a value from a group of alternative responses. At the end of each survey, a comprehensive summary of how it has been filled will be presented, and delivery, as this is not done, the survey will be recorded anonymously on corporate servers at the University of Seville will be requested. Within the block corresponding to the subject, the teacher will be marked as respondent.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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