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Vastu Calculator is a instant tool to calculate the Vastu Compliance of your home.
Vastu is an art of living by creating harmony between five basic elements of nature namely AIR, WATER, EARTH, SKY & FIRE.
We live in a home, comprises of rooms. Each room has its purpose. These are associated with the five basic elements of nature. For example - Kitchen with fire, Bathroom with water etc. Each of these basic elements have influence with eight basic directions (North, South, East, West, NE, NW, SE & SW). So if each of the rooms in your home are at appropriate direction, it is believe to be living in harmony with the nature.
Vastu calculator helps you to identify the directions using inbuilt compass of your device. It tells whether a particular room in your home is in right direction or not? It also tells at the end the overall Vastu compliance score of your home.
Vastu Calculator can not only be used in your current home, but also be used in a home you are planning to live in. It can also help you in taking decisions and modification at home.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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