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A real Vastu app with ancient Vastu concepts helping you improve your home.What is vastu?Vastu is a traditional concept of india for building, construction and architecture based on directional alignment.Vastu helps us make our life better by securing us from things going wrong. Vastu makes our surrounding pleasant by science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material.Vastu compass Vastu Compass is one and only application that will help you find Vastu directions.This application makes good use of present day technology with ancient Vastu concept enabling you to apply this concept at your home.It has an active compass that will show you FavorableUnfavorable directions for a place such as Entrance of a home.How to usePlace your handheld device parallel to earth surface and hold it same as a compass.Use this application while standing at center of the home and choose an area eg. Entrance.Point the arrow to desired area. If color of arrow turns green, Vastu for selected option is correct. If color of arrow turns red then the direction is not best suited for selected option.Future enhancement Coming soonWhat if you already own a house that is not Vastu compliant?We are working on providing you with additional information and remedy to remove Vastu dosh Vastu incompliance. Please provide us with your valuable feedback to make this app more intuitive. Developer



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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