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Discover the new vibrate chat. The features you need to start your next conversation in no time. Start talking with others with comfort and ease, so you can get to the point fast and securely.
Speed is the name here – we want things to be delivered fast, so minimum time will go to waste, while waiting for your messages to reach the other side. Our goal is to be fasters than others available on the market today.
If you wish your app to be synchronized, you got it. No need to worry what happens if you try to read your messages from another phone, a tablet device or even a laptop. Our app is cloud based, which makes it easy for everything to be synchronized at no time. You can always access your data and messages at any time and from any device.
You can be sure that your data is safe with us. Our app is cloud based, which enables it to be available through all devices and thanks to data centers that scattered around the globe it is very fast. The data is encrypted in sophisticated encryption methods which makes everything private and safe.
You can always start a secret chat and set the time frame you wish for the other side to see your message. May it be for a few seconds or even a hour – you name it and just decide. Sending self-destructing messages ensures that everything is deleted afterwards and there are no trace what so ever, so you can be sure that you can discuss everything at top privacy.
Enjoy a personal cloud at unlimited space. When you click on your profile there will be a personal chat where you can send files to yourself that you can later on access. We support all file types and there is unlimited storage for your cloud. Just send the files and access them from anywhere at any time.
Start a group. Starting a group is very easy, just select a group and add members to it. Easily customize it by changing the icon, adding details or adding an admin. Groups can have up to 10,000 members, which makes it a powerful tool for your organization or for your personal life. You can have several groups – you can be an admin of several groups or just be a member.
Our app is free. You can always send us a feedback and we will be happy to get your responses, so we can work on improving things for you. Thank you for getting our app.



Version: 1.6.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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