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Memorial Day - the festival of victory of the people of the Soviet Union over nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.memory as a feat, is eternal.MAY 9, 1945 THE GREAT VICTORY bring people of all nationalities. They defeated fascism! Memorial Day - one of the main festivals in all the states of the former Soviet Union.Moving further away from us May 9, 1945, but we still remember what the price went to our fathers and grandfathers that day! Every year we honor the memory of the fallen, and every year on May 9, together with the veterans arrive at the monument to pay tribute to the fallen, with the responsibility to say, "We remember ..."After the collapse of the Soviet Union on May 9 parade on Red Square were not carried out before the anniversary in 1995. Then in Moscow were two parades: the Red Square (on foot and Poklonnaya Hill (with troops and military equipment).Since then, the parades on Red Square became an annual event - but without military equipment. Since 2008, the parade was again held with the participation of military equipment, including military aviation.



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