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Village Map: सभी गांवों का नक्शा
1. Village Location Tracker will help to Track Current Village Locations and also to track Mobile Caller Location such as Caller State in village map.
2. Finding the current location will be very easy now with this Live Village Location Track.
3. Theses satellites are constantly circling the earth with massive zoom capabilities taking real time live maps images of nearly every location on earth.
4. We live in a great time when all of this live map data can be available from a simple handheld device and in many cases without a internet connection.
5. All Village maps of India has all Indian village maps, sub districts ,districts of India maps, village maps.
6. This Satellite View maps give details view of major roads & street.
7. Village app can let you search live map and see your area street live view both function.
Village Map: Apps Features
1. Villages categorized with states, city, jilla & taluka wise.
2. View any point in world from your place.
3. Direction and navigation of all Indian Villages.
4. See Live Satellite Map Views
5. Villages map Get Live Maps and Street live View on Your device.
Village Map: KeyWord
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3.Maps of villages
4.Gram naksha
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10.Panchayat naksha
Finding the current location will be very easy now with this Live Mobile Location Track.
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Version: 1.3

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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