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What is Vindieo?
Vindieo is a language learning and language exchange app that lets you learn new languages ​​while talking in a common language when you want to learn different topics and languages.
First, you can learn new languages ​​while enjoying conversations with coach in your neighborhood, in your favorite language.
What can you make it?
- You can find a language exchange coach from each region in India.
- You can see images of each region posted on "Moments" for free.
- You can learn languages ​​by voice call as well as text chat.
- You can learn while enjoying conversation by watching live video of each other in real time.
- Please give gentle correspondence so that you can maintain good manners and talk with each other pleasantly.
- There is no fake account or fraud. All are real users.
- Acts that violate the app store policy are prohibited items.
- In addition, we will refuse to use if we judge it as a nuisance act.



Version: 2.02

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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